Meet The Artist

Pint-sized Prints was founded in 2012. The brainchild of founder JulieAnn Bever, Pint-sized Prints was born from her desire to do something creative.  After watching her three children grow so quickly over five years, JulieAnn was inspired to capture their hand-prints in time so she could remember how small and innocent her children were during their first years for years to come. She was also inspired to do the same for other parents so they could have precious keepsakes of their children’s first years.

JulieAnn is a Dallas native, and she wouldn’t live anywhere else with her supportive husband and three great children. She received her business degree from UNT in 2004 and taught business classes before chasing around her three kids. In the fall of 2019, she went returned to teaching at Lake Highlands High School. JulieAnn NEVER misses her morning cup of coffee. Otherwise, you won’t be seeing her out and about. Two of her favorite things are spin classes and baking. JulieAnn rides nearly every morning, and she can get lost baking in her kitchen for hours. Pruning her rose bushes feels like therapy to JulieAnn and helps her stay calm no matter what the day brings.

JulieAnn Bever